Celebrating World Thinking Day

On 22 February, we collectively celebrated World Thinking Day. Under the theme of “Our World, Our Thriving Future” our Units across the state were set to dive into a kaleidoscope of activities that promised not only fun, but a profound connection to our world and its future.

From the restoration of our precious dunes to the vibrant buzz of international-themed camps, talent shows that showcase the diverse talents, to meaningful recycling efforts, every activity was a step towards understanding and caring for our planet. These experiences were lessons in leadership, teamwork and global citizenship; reflecting our dedication to fostering a better world.

What’s better is we are sharing the stories of adventure, learning and friendship from our various regions.

If you are still in need of your World Thinking Day badge, reach out to Guide House or secure your badge online, and celebrate with Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the globe.

Joondalup Region

Guides from the Joondalup Region came together to immerse themselves in the wonders of nature and imagination. We embarked on an adventure at the local park, celebrating the spirit of friendship, global unity, and the bright future ahead. As laughter filled the air, and while singing nature songs.

Led by the enchanting tale of the Forest Guardian, we explored the outdoors, with Guides using compasses to take the lead in directing our walk. With crayons in hand, we painted pictures of our world, brimming with hope and promise to meet the theme of World Thinking Day.

And what better way to conclude our adventure than with scrumptious cupcakes, lovingly baked by our Guides, a sweet indulgence amidst the beauty of the great outdoors.

We had a lovely fun a day filled with laughter, learning, drawing, and exploring.

Lone Guides

Celebrating World Thinking Day, our Lone Guides embarked on a two-week journey of discovery. They dove into the vital importance of protecting our planet, exploring ways to champion environmental care and resilience in the face of challenges. Through discussions, they uncovered the significance of recycling, not just to protect the environment, but as a catalyst for job creation.

Interactive learning took a playful turn with an online Kahoot game, working through what practices benefit our earth and what harms it, blending fun with education. A highlight was a unique visual journey on the beach, crafted through visualisation stories, allowing the Guides to navigate and understand their emotions, preparing them to meet life’s ups and downs with grace.

Creativity flourished as each Guide used a digital whiteboard to envision and share their ideas of a perfect future world, illustrating the boundless imagination and hope within our community. A wonderful example how Guides can explore World Thinking Day virtually.

Southwood Region

In the beautiful setting of Busselton, Southwood Girl Guides convened at Churchill Park Hall for a day infused with the spirit of World Thinking Day. The morning was dedicated to environmental stewardship, highlighting the importance of recycling and caring for our planet.

The afternoon adventure led them on a 3.5km scavenger hunt to the iconic Busselton jetty, blending fun with exploration and teamwork. The day culminated in a Guides Own ceremony, a moment to reflect on Baden Powell’s legacy, their commitment to the planet, and the renewal of the Girl Guide Promise. The celebration was sweetened with a slice of birthday cake in honour of BP, leaving everyone with fond memories. Special thanks to Maple for orchestrating such an inspiring day.

Darling Swan Region

Darling Swan came alive this World Thinking Day with an engaging afternoon filled with learning and laughter. A vibrant group of over 21 Guides, 10 Leaders, and 2 Trefoil members gathered for a series of enriching activities designed to inspire and educate.

Water wonders: Our Guides experienced the challenge of transporting water, a nod to the realities faced by many girls globally.

Eco race: An interactive session on recycling educated our Guides and Trefoil members on waste sorting and sustainability practices, turning environmental responsibility into an exciting quest.

Mindful moments: A Guided meditation in the heart of nature allowed us all to pause and appreciate our surroundings.

Adventure awaits: Learning to navigate using compasses introduced Guides to the thrills of exploration, with older Guides taking on the ‘Nuclear Reactor’ game.

Future crafting: Reflecting on “Our Thriving Future,” Guides crafted models from natural materials, contemplating actionable steps towards a sustainable world.

Thanks to a splash of water fun and a spirit of adventure, the day was a hit, leaving everyone with cherished memories, and a reinforced commitment to our Guiding principles.

Whitfords Coastal Region

The Whitfords Coastal Region celebrated World Thinking Day with a meaningful environmental activity at Iluka Foreshore.

In partnership with the Friends of North Ocean Reef & Iluka Foreshore (FONORIF), City of Joondalup and North Coastal Care; our Guides embarked on a mission of conservation, restoration and education. Despite the small group, the impact was significant, with both Guides and Leaders fully engaging in the conservation efforts.

A morning of learning and action: From 9am to 10:30am, our Guides delved into the environmental impact humans have on coastal habitats. Activities included a beach cleanup, watering plants on the dunes, and identifying coastal wildlife and ocean waste.

Guiding fundamentals in action: This activity resonated deeply with our Guiding principles, highlighting the importance of serving our community and Australia, caring for our environment and helping others.

Looking ahead, we’re excited to further our conservation efforts with a dune restoration planting activity with FONORIF during the winter months.

North Metro Region

The North Metro Region embraced World Thinking Day 2024 with an unforgettable camp at Ern Halliday Recreation Centre, showcasing an international theme full of learning and adventure. Under the guidance of three dedicated Leaders, our Guides experienced the unity of shared activities and the challenge of planning significant events, with special commendation to Isabelle for her exceptional leadership in organising Kenyan-themed activities.

The weekend was packed with engaging experiences, from beach fun and “Getting to Know You” games to a talent show and an international quiz designed by our 14+ Guides. Even a sizzling 39-degree setup day, some unexpected rain and the presence of ENORMOUS ants couldn’t dampen their spirits.

A heartfelt thank you to all Leaders whose incredible efforts made this camp memorable.


The Trefoil Guild commemorated World Thinking Day with a heartwarming gathering of around 50 members. It was a warm reunion of old friends, and a chance to make new ones too.

The highlight was Peg Davies’ enlightening presentation on waste management, inspiring us all to embrace the principles of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Through fascinating tips and a deep dive into the nuances of recycling processes across WA, Peg offered invaluable insights into making our world a cleaner, more sustainable place.

This celebration was a wonderful blend of fellowship, learning and commitment to our planet’s well-being.

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