History of Girl Guides WA

From humble beginnings in 1915 to empowering over 2,600 members. We continue to create a space for our Girl Guides to explore, challenge and grow into their true potential. 

Our story is intertwined with the global movement that started when girls showed up at the 1909 Boy Scout Rally in London, marking the beginning of what would become the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in 1910.

The birth of Guiding in Western Australia

Our story in Western Australia commenced with a spirited meeting at Perth Town Hall on 28 June 1915, where girls gathered at Mrs Osborne Wilson’s home on Angove St, North Perth, eager to embark on their Guiding adventure. This gathering birthed the 1st Swan Company, a group known for their energy and dedication, engaging in activities from knot-tying to outdoor adventures in Kings Park. Over time, this evolved, known by names such as 1st Perth Pioneer and 1st Perth, laying the groundwork for a legacy of leadership, friendship and discovery.

Over a century of discovery, growth and impact

From those early days, thousands of girls and women across Western Australia have joined the ranks of Girl Guides, contributing to our proud affiliation with the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. Our history is not just a record of past achievements but a living narrative of continual growth, inclusivity, and the creation of a nurturing environment where every girl can thrive. As we look into the future, we celebrate the enduring spirit and contributions of our members, past and present.

While a lot has changed since 1915, our commitment to empowering girls and young women to discover their potential as leaders has remained the same. Join us in honouring a legacy that has inspired generations of girls and women to lead, explore, and make a difference in their communities.

Girl Guides WA through the decades

Through each decade of Girl Guides WA’s history, friendship, empowerment and adventure are intertwined to create a legacy of leadership and community. Explore how we’ve nurtured a sense of belonging and self-awareness among generations of girls.

Visit the WAGGGS website and the Girl Guides Australia website for more details.

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