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Become an Olave and unlock your full potential through the Olave Program.

The Olave Program, exclusively designed for young women aged 18-29, is a journey of self-discovery, adventure, and impactful community contribution.

a space to dive into the Guiding experience

As the heart of Girl Guides WA’s commitment to empowering the next generation, the Olave Program offers a space to dive into the Guiding experience, enriched with opportunities for personal and communal growth. This flexible program encourages you to tailor your involvement, whether through engaging peer groups or participating in broader state events, crafting a path that resonates with your life.

What do we do in the Olave Program?

Operated entirely by young women for young women, the Olave Program is where friendships flourish, leadership skills are honed, and adventures are limitless. You have the freedom to join multiple peer groups, immerse yourself in unique activities, or simply connect at state-wide Olave events. While some choose to inspire as Unit Leaders or Helpers, it’s entirely optional, offering you the flexibility to shape your Olave experience around your passions and commitments.

The Olave Program is a celebration of community, adventure and self-development, all underpinned by the Guide Promise and Law. 

Making a difference

Through the Olave Program, you’re invited to leave a positive mark on your community and beyond. Engage in volunteering, advocacy and service projects that align with your desire to contribute to societal betterment. It’s an opportunity to expand your skills, knowledge and understanding, preparing you for a future of leadership and impact.

Are you interested in becoming an Olave?

Find out more about the opportunities and rewards that await in the Olave Program, and how you can make an impact. Join us in shaping a world where young women lead with confidence, curiosity and a deep sense of community.

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