Fun, friendship & adventure

Girls want to have fun, make friends, and explore new challenges. We give them the tools to Guide the way.

At Girl Guides WA, fun, friendship, and adventure are at the core of everything we do, creating a blend of experiences that ignite curiosity and foster lasting bonds. Each gathering, activity, and journey is an opportunity for discovery, encouraging girls to explore beyond their limits and find joy in learning.

the great outdoors

From navigating the trails of the great outdoors to engaging in creative projects or contributing to the community, the spirit of fun is ever-present, turning every Girl Guides moment into an unforgettable adventure.

FOUNDATION OF friendship

The foundation of Girl Guides WA is built on friendship, offering a warm and welcoming environment where every girl feels seen and supported. As they venture through activities together, share in each other’s triumphs and challenges, and strive towards shared objectives, Guides develop friendships that are both uplifting and long-lasting. Girl Guides WA not only enriches the lives of its members, but also prepares them to be the confident, compassionate leaders of tomorrow.

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