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Embarking on the journey as a Girl Guide means joining a vibrant, inclusive community where girls aged 5-17 discover their potential, forge lifelong friendships, and explore a world of opportunities.

Placed within local Units, Guides enjoy a structured environment tailored to age groups, meeting weekly during the school term in community spaces for 1-2 hours of fun, learning and adventure. Beyond these gatherings, the adventure extends to community service, outdoor activities, social outings, and more.

Ready to enter a world of adventure, leadership, and fun? The first step in becoming a Girl Guide is to create an account in our Member Portal. Once your account is created you will then complete our online registration form. 

As a non-profit organisation, Girl Guides WA strives to keep participation affordable.

Girl Guides WA Membership fees are payable by all members, in addition to a term fee payable by Guides directly to their Unit (costs vary).

The current Girl Guides WA Membership fees are as follows:

Youth – $210
Adult – $210
Olave – $110
Trefoil – $60

Girl Guides WA is proactive in supporting members who are affected by financial hardship to pay their membership fees. This assistance could be provided through payment plans, or access to Lend A Hand. Payment plans are available on a case-by-case basis, please contact [email protected] for a confidential discussion.

Membership fees are set at the end of each year and are renewable on an anniversary basis. New youth members will pay a $30 administration fee for their first year only. Prices are valid as at January 1 2024

A trial period of two weeks is also available for you to attend a Unit and experience Guiding. There are no costs associated with completing a trial, however, you must officially join after your second visit to continue Guiding. 

In order to participate in a trial, please complete our Join process. This will ensure we have all the relevant information required to best support you during your trial. 

Please note that a uniform is not required during the trial period, but should you then decide to join, those arrangements can be made.

You can use our map to locate all our Units or, alternatively, identify the Unit you are interested in joining or trialling during your Join process.

If you don’t have a preferred Unit or are still unsure about the process, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff

Wearing a uniform is a Guiding tradition and gives our members a sense of belonging and pride. It helps to bring people together as an inclusive sisterhood and promote Guiding to others. Uniforms can be purchased direct from our Guide shop.

For further information on uniforms, and how they facilitate a rich Guiding experience, please view our Uniform Information Booklet.

Girl Guides WA is inclusive and flexible, offering the Lone Guides program for those who can’t attend Unit meetings for a variety of reasons. Lone Guides, participating through varied communication means, enjoy the same enriching Australian Guide Program as their peers. This option extends to girls in remote locations, as well as those facing unique challenges such as heavy academic schedules, health issues, or being the sole Guide within their age group in their area.

Interested in becoming a Lone Guide? Reach out to us for more information.

Are you interested in becoming a GIRL GUIDE?

Search for your local Unit and be part of the biggest organisation for girls and women in the world!

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