Guiding Fundamentals

The core principles that shape the Guiding experience

Our Guiding fundamentals are our core principles that inspire and shape every aspect of our journey. From our Guide Promise to the Guide Law, and the adventures that unfold in the great outdoors; each element fosters leadership, service and a deep connection to the global Guiding community. Discover how these fundamentals cultivate a sense of responsibility, respect and personal growth among our members.

Guide Promise

The Guide Promise is our commitment to personal integrity and community service. It encourages girls to be authentic, contribute positively to their communities and Australia, and to live by the values outlined in the Guide Law.

I promise that I will do my best
To be true to myself and develop my beliefs
To serve my community and Australia
And live by the Guide law 

Guide Law

The Guide Law outlines the principles each Guide strives to embody. It emphasises respect, honesty, friendliness, wise decision-making and optimism, Guiding girls to live with courage and strength.

As a Girl Guide I will strive to: 
Respect myself and others 
Be Considerate, honest and trustworthy 
Be friendly to others 
Make choices for a better world 
Use my time and abilities wisely 
Be thoughtful and optimistic 
Live with courage and strength 


Exploring the outdoors is central to our Guiding experience, offering girls adventures that promote respect for the environment, teamwork and self-discovery through nature’s challenges and beauty.


Service is a cornerstone of Guiding, encouraging girls to give back to their communities, develop a sense of social responsibility, and make a positive impact on the world around them.

World Guiding

World Guiding connects us to a global community, celebrating cultural diversity, fostering international friendships, and engaging in global service projects to broaden our understanding and empathy.

Guiding traditions

Our traditions bind us to the rich history and values of Guiding, from ceremonies and celebrations to the symbols and rituals that have united Guides worldwide for over a century.

Leadership skills

Developing leadership skills is at the forefront of our mission, empowering girls to become confident leaders through practical experiences, decision-making opportunities, and mentorship within the Guiding community.


The Patrol system fosters teamwork, leadership, and friendship. It’s a small group dynamic where girls take on roles, plan activities, and support each other, embodying the collaborative spirit of Guiding.

Join Us on the Guiding Journey!

We welcome girls and young women to embark on this exciting journey with us, diving into the extraordinary world of Guiding where they lead, learn and flourish. It’s more than just activities; it’s a pathway to empowerment, inspiring girls to confidently navigate their futures.

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