Training with girl Guides WA

Girl Guides WA works to provide the skills, knowledge and experience girls need to not only survive, but thrive!

Every girl can change the world. We exist to help her find her path.

That is why we’re passionate about offering an environment that blends discovery, leadership, and adventure with the safety and well-being of our members. Our commitment to providing a supportive, fun and inclusive space drives us to equip our volunteers with the resources they need for success. Whether you’re organising a community event or leading a Unit in outdoor activities, we have the tools and facilities to enhance your Guiding journey.

To support the memorable experiences that foster friendship, resilience and a sense of belonging, we offer a variety of equipment and facilities for hire. Our inventory ranges from practical items like tents and canoes to symbols of our community like banners and flags, ensuring your activities are infused with the spirit of Guiding.

Explore our camp sites available for hire, and discover how we can help make your next Guiding adventure both successful and enjoyable.

In every adventure, we find a balance between embracing challenges and ensuring the safety of our Guides and volunteers. Our approach to risk management reflects our values of courage and responsibility, providing comprehensive training and resources to navigate risks with confidence. With tools such as the Risk Assessment Plan (RAP) and the 3Q’s approach, we guide our leaders through assessing hazards, considering environmental factors and ensuring equipment safety.

Our policies and procedures are designed to foster a community that is not only adventurous, but also secure and inclusive, allowing every member to explore their potential with confidence.

The Australian Leadership & Qualification Program (ALQP) provides a learning path to Leadership, Management and Training Qualifications, and options for ongoing learning.

Each ALQP Passport incorporates a mix of reading, eGuiding (Guiding eLearning), face to face training, and activities based on the role. Recognition of prior learning is available and will be discussed during an induction meeting with your Mentor.

The Leadership Qualification is for Unit Leaders and Assistant Unit Leaders working in Guide Units.

The Management Qualification is for District and Region Managers and Assistant Managers.

The Learning and Development Qualification is for Workshop Presenters, Trainers, and Training Partners. These are supplementary positions.

In addition to the online and virtual training offered as part of the ALQP, Girl Guides WA offer a range of face-to-face learning opportunities for peer-to-peer learning and support. This training is offered throughout the year, with all Members both welcomed and encouraged to attend the sessions to continue their own learning journeys.

In addition, there is also ample opportunity for Adult Members to expand their learning by exploring outdoor modules for qualification – including training to lead camping trips, hiking, and canoeing, as well as a range of other endeavours to keep them challenged throughout their own Guiding journeys.

Within the Guiding structure, our Members and Volunteers are actively encouraged to support, train, and mentor one another. Thanks to our passionate community, we take every opportunity to do so – ultimately empowering each other to discover our potential as leaders.

Guides today, leaders tomorrow

By equipping our leaders and volunteers with the right training and resources, we reinforce our commitment to creating Girl-Led spaces where fun, friendship and learning thrive. Together, we build a resilient, and vibrant community that embarks on every adventure with courage.

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