Our Strategy

In early 2022, Girl Guides WA commenced developing our strategic plan. It encompasses our mission, law, promise, culture and various facets of our organisation.

Following a journey of consultation with our dedicated team, backed by strategic planning workshops for Regional Managers and Unit Leaders, we are thrilled to unveil the Girl Guides Western Australia Strategic Plan for 2023-2026. This plan, refined through several iterations and shaped by feedback, reflects our collective voice. It outlines our strategic pillars, our ambitious initiatives, and the key outcomes we aim to achieve over the next three years. We look forward to collectively bringing this plan to life.

STRATEGIC PLAN 2023 - 2026


Empowering girls and young women to discover their potential as leaders of their world.


We approach our work with an open, Guide-centred, collaborative mindset and we embrace continuous learning and self-development at all levels.

Our membership

We will respond to the diverse needs of our membership, to improve our retention rates and enhance the Guiding experience for our members.

Our volunteers

We will address the day-to-day challenges that are faced by our volunteers, and provide support through improved, streamlined systems and processes.

Our program

We will provide a fun, inclusive and engaging program that is Girl-led and delivered by a highly trained, motivated team of volunteers.

Our profile

We will increase the visibility and awareness of Girl Guides WA’s profile through effective, relevant and meaningful digital storytelling.

Our facilities 

We will ensure we have well-maintained, safe and functional facilities that meet the current and future needs of Guiding.

Our finances

We will strengthen the financial capabilities of the organisation by diversifying income opportunities to include partnerships and grants.

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