Empowering girls to revel in the possibilities available to them, through Guiding

Guiding is more than an activity, it is a journey of empowerment, adventure and community. Girls and young women develop curiosity through hands-on learning, and engage in relevant activities based on their own interests. At Girl Guides WA, we forge lasting friendships, develop leadership skills, and unleash our potential.

What is Girl Guiding?

Dedicated to empowering girls and young women of the future; as they will not only impact their families, communities and nation—they will change the world.

Guiding fundamentals

These are the core principles and values that shape our activities, goals and community. They Guide us in fostering an environment of respect, adventure, and personal growth.

Global context

Girl Guiding connects members with a worldwide community, promoting understanding, friendship and collaborative action on a global stage.

Youth leadership

Offering opportunities for members to take the lead; we develop their confidence, resilience and decision-making skills. Youth leadership is about inspiring the next generation.

Fun, friends & adventure

At the heart of Guiding, we create unforgettable experiences filled with laughter, camaraderie and exploration. Its where lifelong friendships are formed.

Foster friendships, get empowered to face challenges, and discover a world of adventure.

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