Our diverse membership options are designed to provide every girl and woman with a pathway to personal growth.

Discover the vibrant community of Girl Guides WA, a place where empowerment, adventure and friendship flourish. Here, individuals at any stage of their journey can find opportunities for personal growth, leadership and making a meaningful impact.

Whether you’re embarking on this path for the first time, seeking new challenges, or eager to further your Guiding experience; our diverse membership options are your gateway to a rewarding adventure.

Youth memberships

Step into a world where fun meets discovery, and connections blossom into lifelong friendships. Youth membership is for girls aged 5-17.

Become an Olave

Embrace leadership, adventure and personal growth with the Olave Program, tailored for young women aged 18-30.

Adult membership

Join as an Adult Member to inspire and Guide the next generation, sharing your skills and experiences while contributing to a vibrant community.

Become a Trefoil

Whether you’re already actively involved, retired, or keen to start your journey with us, your contribution to Guiding and the broader community can continue to flourish within the Trefoil Guild.

Explore your potential in a supportive and dynamic environment by becoming a member.

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