Our Governance

Striving to create empowering and safe spaces where every girl can flourish.

At Girl Guides WA, our commitment to transparency, accountability and leadership shines through our governance. We are an autonomous organisation which manages its affairs based on the Girl Guides Western Australia Constitution with accepted practices and policies set out in Guidelines.

Meet our board, led by Dr Brenda Hamlett as our Chair. The Girl Guides Western Australia Board is a vibrant group of individuals, each bringing their unique backgrounds and skills to guide our organisation towards new heights of excellence, growth and success. Together, they embody our values of empowerment, community and leadership.

Dr. Brenda Hamlett AM (Chair)
Warren Toh (Treasurer)
Danielle Glazier (Appointed Member)
Ghylene Palmer (Appointed Member)
Catherine McKinnon (Elected Member)
Alexandra O’Brien (Elected Member, 18-29 yrs)
Sharon O’Brien (State Commissioner)
Erin Farley (Assistant State Commissioner)
Lauren Goodheart (Assistant State Commissioner)
Reachelle Beasley (CEO)
Cassie Guy (Secretary)

At Girl Guides WA, our Guide House team, under the leadership of CEO Reachelle Beasley, are committed to our mission. With a focus on driving the organisation forward, we ensure we have considered processes and procedures to deliver our operations. We work to support our members, fostering a thriving environment of adventure, discovery, and belonging within the Girl Guides WA community.

Our policies at Girl Guides WA are crafted with care to uphold ethics, inclusivity, and seamless operations. They’re the foundation of our dedication to ensuring a safe, welcoming space for all, focusing on protection and celebrating diversity. For our members, detailed access to our constitution, By-Laws, and policies is conveniently available through the Member Portal, with more Guiding policies accessible on the Girl Guides Australia website.

Our Strategic Plan!

Our mission, law, promise, culture and various facets of our organisation.
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