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Girl Guiding, where girls and young women lead, learn and thrive

At Girl Guides WA, we are steadfast in our belief in the extraordinary potential of every girl. We work to empower girls of all ages to actively engage in and take ownership of their Girl Guide Experience, blending hands-on learning with activities that ignite their curiosity and are driven by their unique interests. This journey of self-discovery, leadership and personal growth is designed to let girls take the reins, encouraging them to step into leadership roles with our unwavering support. We provide the space, time and opportunities they need to dive into adventures, cultivate friendships and make discoveries that illuminate their paths.

At the core of Girl Guides WA is our cherished “Girl-Led” approach, a vibrant path that empowers girls to unleash their full potential and become the very best versions of themselves. This approach is all about engaging girls in experiences that forge a deep connection with their identity and the world, fuelling a journey of self-discovery and leadership. When girls are at the helm of their learning adventure, their curiosity blossoms, personal growth skyrockets, and the horizon of possibilities expands.

Our girls dive into teamwork and friendship within their Patrols, setting the stage for exciting adventures. Leadership skills are developed through the practical Discover, Decide, Plan, Do & Check model. Beyond badges and awards, the real value lies in personal growth and the camaraderie formed across activities like outdoor adventures, creative projects and cultural discoveries. It’s a journey focused on empowering girls to confidently face the future, and eagerly seize the adventures that await.

The Australian Guide Program (AGP) is the cornerstone of our non-formal educational approach, fostering shared leadership and decision-making. The program revolves around four key elements: Physical, People, Practical, and Self. Guiding is about being part of a team, and leadership development begins with the youngest Guides, evolving as they mature.

Physical: Dive into active participation, with a special focus on the environment and the great outdoors. It’s all about embracing nature and fostering a spirit of adventure.

People: Forge and deepen friendships, cultivating an understanding and respect for others. It’s a journey of connection, where lasting bonds are formed and cherished.

Practical: Embrace learning by doing, acquiring everyday living skills that seamlessly blend into all facets of life. It’s hands-on experience that prepares girls for the world ahead.

Self: Cherish personal development and self-appreciation, embracing growth through challenges. It’s about recognising and celebrating the unique journey of every girl, encouraging her to reach her full potential.

There are seven fundamentals which are based on the Baden-Powell philosophy:

1. Guide Promise and Law
2. Outdoors
3. Service
4. World Guiding
5. Guiding Traditions
6. Leadership Skills
7. Patrol

Guides set challenges for themselves and earn badges and awards as a testament to their accomplishments. These recognitions, earned within the unit, region, or personally, cover a range of skills, activities, and achievements. From community engagement to personal challenges, the awards celebrate each Guide’s unique journey.

Junior BP Award
Embark on an exhilarating journey with the Junior BP Award, a thrilling exploration of Guiding’s fundamental principles and values. Inside the Aim High book, you’ll discover a treasure trove of challenges and activities crafted to inspire curiosity, foster leadership skills, and ignite a passion for adventure. To kickstart your Junior BP adventure, you’ll need to be at least 7 years old and eager to tackle the exciting challenges that lie ahead.

Guided by assessments from your peers and Leaders within your Unit, you’ll navigate through a series of engaging tasks, demonstrating your ability to plan, take action, and reflect on your accomplishments. Along the way, you’ll celebrate your progress with the Bronze Endeavour certificate and cloth badge, symbolising all your remarkable achievements.

BP Award
The BP Award journey is an adventure, taking Guides through a series of challenges designed to ignite their passion for learning, leadership, and exploration. To achieve the BP Award, three challenges are completed from six fundamentals set out in the Aim High book. With topics ranging from Guiding Traditions to Service and World Guiding, participants embark on discovering the essence of Guiding while honing their skills and nurturing their adventurous spirit.

Members over the age of 10 will have the opportunity to achieve this esteemed award, including earning the Silver Endeavour at the halfway mark, and considering how the Promise and Law are reflected in the way they live their life.

Queen’s Guide Award: Empowering Youth
The Queen’s Guide Award is a prestigious and coveted achievement within the Girl Guiding movement in Australia. It represents the pinnacle of personal and leadership development for young women who have demonstrated exceptional commitment and dedication to the Australian Guide Program. The Queen’s Guide Award is a symbol of the recipient’s outstanding achievements, encompassing both personal growth and contributions to the community.

Achieving the Queen’s Guide Award is a testament to the recipient’s ability to inspire others, make a positive impact, and embody the spirit of Girl Guiding in its highest form.

To register for the Queen’s Guide Award or simply learn more about it, click here

Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award: Empowering Youth
As a proud provider of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, we empower young Australians aged 14-24 to explore their potential, find purpose, and engage in skill development, physical activities, voluntary service, and adventurous journeys.

For Guides who are interested in achieving any of these awards, please have a chat with your Unit Leader in the first instance. 

Join Us on the Guiding Journey!

We welcome girls and young women to embark on this exciting journey with us, diving into the extraordinary world of Guiding where they lead, learn and flourish. It’s more than just activities; it’s a pathway to empowerment, inspiring girls to confidently navigate their futures.

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