Youth Leadership

Creating a space for girls to grow and challenge themselves.

At Girl Guides WA, we’re passionate about unlocking the leadership potential in every Guide, offering dynamic opportunities for them to hone crucial skills and make a significant difference within our community. As Guides journey with us, they’re encouraged to embrace leadership roles in younger-aged Guide Units, where they can inspire their peers and catalyse personal development.

mentoring younger Guides

Our Junior Leaders, aged 14-17, are pivotal in mentoring younger Guides, demonstrating their leadership prowess and becoming beacons of inspiration. Guide Helpers, aged 9-14, also step up, taking on leadership tasks, engaging in Unit activities, and bolstering the spirit of camaraderie among Guides.

enhance leadership abilities

These roles are designed not just to enhance leadership abilities, but also to boost confidence and forge enduring bonds within the Guiding family. By seizing these opportunities, Guides evolve personally and play a crucial role in driving the forward momentum of Girl Guides WA.

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