Meet our Volunteers: Ghylene

Ghylène Palmer (she/her) is our Representative on the Girl Guides Australia Board, as appointed by the GGWA Board. She is passionate about creating positive social change, diversity, and inclusion.

Ghylène is the Executive Manager at The Spiers Centre, a community hub in the heart of Heathridge, and offers a lifeline to those in need.

“We provide services like financial counselling, emergency relief, and food assistance. It’s a hub of support and connection where the community can join activities like our craft group or seek guidance from a peer group.”

Ghylène has held senior leadership roles for over 15 years and cares about helping Western Australian communities thrive and be sustainable. In addition to her position as the Girl Guides WA Board-appointed representative on the Girl Guides Australia Board, she is a Non-Executive Board Director at Linkwest. Previously, she also held a Non-Executive Director position at the Australian Library and Information Association

Personally, Ghylène is a wife and mother to two teenagers. In her spare time she enjoys listening to audiobooks, cooking, dancing, and taking long walks and swims by our beautiful WA beaches or hiking in the bush with family and friends.

Celebrating Ghylene for National Volunteer Week 2024!

Q. With this year’s theme for National Volunteer Week being ‘Something for Everyone’, what is your favourite ‘something’ about volunteering for Girl Guides WA, Ghylene?

“There are several aspects that resonate with me – but if I had to choose a favourite “something,” it would be the sense of community and empowerment. Volunteering with Girl Guides allows me to directly impact the lives of young women. Being part of a Board genuinely dedicated to guiding girls toward leadership, self-confidence, and resilience is incredibly rewarding. These connections extend beyond meetings and events—they’re bonds that enrich my life.”

Q. What is your number one tip for balancing volunteering with other life commitments?

“It can be challenging, but I think it’s about prioritising and setting clear boundaries. I find it helps to evaluate existing commitments like work, family, and personal time, define specific time blocks for each commitment, and then stick to those boundaries to prevent burnout and maintain balance. I have learned to recognise my limits, and will politely decline additional commitments when necessary. I make sure to have a good support system in place and allocate time for self-care and recharging my batteries.”

2. Ghylene
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