Our Sponsors

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Girl Guides Western Australia is a self-funded organisation whose main sources of income are annual membership fees, sales from our annual biscuit campaign and the small profit from the Guide Gear Shop.

In order for Girl Guides Western Australia to provide resources, and a great program for girls and young women in Western Australia, we also receive support from Government funds and trusts in the form of Grants.

Girl Guides Western Australia would like to thank each and every organisation that has assisted us over the year.

Department of Local Government and Communities

Girl Guides Western Australia is supported by the Department of Local Government and Communities ("Communities"). We would like to thank them for all their ongoing support. Communities informs the development of social policy, advocating on behalf of Western Australian children, parents and their families, young people, seniors, women, carers, volunteers and non-government organisations. 

Communities is also responsible for the delivery of programs and services to support and strengthen Western Australia’s diverse communities. This includes administering WA’s child care regulatory framework and, through the Child Care Licensing and Standards Unit, managing the licensing and compliance of some 1,500 child care services throughout WA. 

The department also administers the Best Start program for Aboriginal families and children aged 0-5 years. Communities provides a number of information and support services, including the Seniors’ Card Program, the Seniors’ Information Service, the Women’s Information Service and Parenting WA, which provides state-wide and locally-based services for parents, carers and those who support them. Services include the Parenting WA Line and the Parenting WA Library. 



Girl Guides Western Australia is also supported by Lotterywest. We would like to thank Lotterywest for all their ongoing support. Every year Lotterywest make more than 1000 grant totaling over $100 million dollars. Every day Lotterywest has the privilege of working with community organisations that are providing services, support and inspiration to people throughout Western Australia.

Lotterywest grants exist to help community organisations make WA a better place for all. The volume of Lotterywest grants and the number of organisations they support provides them with a unique vantage point. Collectively Lotterywest collaborate on all kinds of ideas and projects to find ways to maximise the benefit to communities.