Lend a Hand to help a Girl Guide in need

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Girl Guides equips girls aged 5 to 18 with personal confidence and experiences not found anywhere else. We have worked hard to keep Guiding affordable for the average Western Australian family - but that's not always enough. 10% of our members are experiencing hardship and find it difficult to pay membership fees.

We want every girl to have the same opportunity to experience the Girl Guiding program, regardless of their family’s financial situation. We need to be sure no girl slips between the cracks.

Lend a Hand is funding support that WA families can access when they can't afford to pay the membership fee for their girls to become Guides. Eligible families receive financial support for their girls to join and experience all the benefits other Girl Guides enjoy. But this money must come from somewhere, so we're appealing to the public and businesses to donate and give these girls the gift of Guiding!

Will you Lend a Hand to a girl in need? Select your donation below.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible. 100% of your donation goes directly towards helping girls in need to become Girl Guides. To enquire about corporate sponsorship, please email us.

Your donation helps Lauren become resilient

Lauren used to cry very easily and refused to join in activities unless she knew she was already skilled in that area. She would not play ball games at school because she felt she couldn't catch well and when her teacher gave her a debating task, Lauren told her mum she was sick so she could avoid taking part. With financial support, Lauren was able to join Girl Guides.

At Girl Guides, she was hesitant to try new things at first but she soon found that no one put pressure on her to perform. She was given plenty of support and encouragement, and the values of acceptance and teamwork meant she didn't feel silly when she wasn't immediately good at something. Lauren slowly became much more adventurous and before long, her mum was stunned to see Lauren in a lake, riding on a raft she had built with her patrol! 

Lauren now goes camping, hiking, tunnelling and even plays beach volleyball with her fellow Guides without even batting an eyelid!

Without your support, girls like Tiana will miss out

Tiana was 7 years old when she started Girl Guides. She had no friends at school because she was crippled by shyness to the point where she would not speak to adults or children outside of home. On her first night at Guides, she hid in the corner with her face tucked down into her arms. Other Girl Guides occasionally skipped over to her to say a friendly hello, deliver items for an activity, or check if she wanted to play.

After a few weeks, Tiana was joining in the opening ceremony and watching games. As time went on, she began to join in with the activities and the first time she achieved a badge, she was smiling from ear to ear. Her mother saw her talking to another 7 year old girl at the Guide meeting and arranged a playdate with the girl. She almost cried with relief when she heard Tiana giggling with her new friend in the back garden.

Over time, Tiana built her confidence to the point where she was able to attend large state camps and speak aloud in the group. Her mum noticed a difference in Tiana at school, too. She was contributing more in class and had made a couple of friends. But money was tight and when Tiana's mum was made redundant, she had to make difficult choices about what they could and couldn't afford. The only way they could keep Tiana at Girl Guides was through Lend a Hand.

* Details including the names and ages described here have been changed to protect our Girl Guides' privacy.