Opportunities to volunteer are open to both men and women - parents, grandparents, carers, guardians or just keen community members over 18 years of age. Adult volunteers can be a part of Guiding in many ways. They can share professional skills or talents, help with fundraising, catering, PR and marketing or assist Leaders during a Unit meeting, activity or camp. 

The Girl Guides Western Australia head office, Guide House, also welcomes volunteers. Guide House volunteers currently run the Sally Carlton Book/Game Library and our Archives Department to help in preserving the history of Girl Guides Western Australia.

Male and female adults who pay a discounted annual fee can also become a Girl Guides Western Australia Supporter. Supporters are eligible to join some committees but are not members of the association.

This important Volunteers Kit from Girl Guides Australia provides essential information for persons looking to volunteer whether as a member or non-member. A printer friendly version is also available.

Support Group Membership

Support Groups are always looking for parents, grandparents, carers, guardians and willing community members over 18 years of age to assist them in their quest to support their local Guiding community. Female members may make or renew their Guide Promise but this is not essential for this membership.

As a Support Group member you can: 

  • Vote at Region meetings 
  • Nominate people in the election of officers of the Support Group 
  • Be elected to a position on the Support Group 
  • Be covered by insurance at all Guide events

All parents and friends are invited to be a part of the Support Group. The Support Group work with the Leaders and the Region Managers assisting in various ways: 

  • Ensuring the Hut is maintained by arranging payment for expenses for general maintenance, rates, insurance, electricity etc
  • Support Leaders by arranging payment for their membership, uniforms and training
  • Promote Guiding within the local community
  • Assist Leaders with special events and assist with fundraising to cover expenses.
If you would like to know more about becoming an adult volunteer, fundraising or donating to Girl Guides Western Australia, please contact us .

Fundraising and Donations

Are you interested in fundraising? Are you interested to find out how your business can sponsor Girl Guides? Does your work or interest group wish to support Girl Guides with a contribution? Do you have an interesting artifact or article that may be significant to Girl Guides?

  • Girl Guides Western Australia actively participates in community service and fundraising throughout the year. 
  • Girl Guides Western Australia values support from interested sponsors and funding bodies.
  • Girl Guides Western Australia acknowledges and appreciates Donations and Bequests and Archive donations.