Containers for Change Fundraising

Donate your Refund

Whether you're a Guide Leader, a Girl Guide, a parent or a member of the public, you can now raise money for your chosen Guide Group using the Containers for Change refund scheme.

How to Donate

Collect Containers

Most aluminium, glass, plastic, steel and liquid paperboard drink containers between 150ml and 3L are eligible.

Take them to a refund point

There are different types of refund points across Western Australia, so find the right one for you. Search here.

Earn a refund

You’ll receive 10 cents for every eligible container you return which you can donate to a local Guide Unit using their Scheme ID, or just use our organisation's ID: C10253835.

Information for Leaders

Fundraising through Containers for Change

  • Your Guide Unit needs its own Scheme ID. Download instructions here.
  • Make sure your Scheme ID is linked to your Unit bank account.
  • Provide your Scheme ID details to Guide House ASAP. Email [email protected].
  • If you don't have a Scheme ID yet, you can opt to donate to Girl Guides WA's Scheme ID: C10253835.
  • Decide how you will store containers. You can order bags that hold 250 containers from Guide House at 50c each by emailing [email protected].
  • Make sure containers are clean when storing – milk cartons will begin to smell.
  • There will be deposit points close to you. Check the CDS website.
  • Every deposit needs to be labelled with your Scheme ID. No ID, no money!
  • Cans should not be crushed, as the refund mark/bar code will be scanned for automatic recognition of eligible containers.
  • Contact [email protected] for a social graphic or business card template to promote your Unit's Scheme ID. You can then get these printed.

Download this info as a Fact Sheet

CDS Fact Sheet PDF
(Adobe PDF File)