Running a Covid-Safe Unit

Dates for Resuming

Face-to-face Guiding recommences from Monday 15 June, 2020, with the exception of camping both indoors and outdoors and sleepovers. You can expect camping to return to our program on Monday 12 October 2020 (ie Term 4) in all forms, but this date will be reviewed regularly, with any changes advised immediately. It is up to individual Unit Leadership teams when they return after 15 June. Please inform your community as soon as possible, as all members have been notified that the suspension ends on 15 June.

Preparing your meeting venue

The maximum number of people allowed to meet inside is 100, but this is subject to the size of your meeting room or hall. If you are unsure how many your venue can accommodate, please check with the facility manager or shire council. Some Leaders have already told us they have been asked to complete a COVID Safety Plan for Hirers of their hall or meeting place. If this happens to you and you feel you require assistance, please email

Running the Unit

We have been advised that we now need to learn to live COVID-19 safe. This means our Guide meetings will look a little different for some time to come. We will continue our previously advised COVID-19 safe practices:

  • Practicing 1.5m physical distancing
  • Hand washing and sanitising
  • Cough etiquette

Please also remind Guides to bring their own water bottles clearly marked with names instead of using cups from the hall. If you are cooking or eating, ask girls to bring a dilly bag of cutlery and crockery so you are not using shared utensils, and they can take them home to be properly washed.

Camps and Sleepovers

Camps and Sleepovers will be permitted in Stage 5 of WA's Roadmap to Recovery. We will advise Leaders when this occurs.


Information posters to help ensure the safety of our Leaders, Guides and Parents:

  • Physical Distancing
  • Arrival Notice
  • Handwashing Poster
  • Leader's Checklist

Please print off and display these posters in your hall.  If needed, coloured copies of either A4 and A3 will be available from Guide House from 15 June, 2020.

Leader Checklist
(Adobe PDF File)
Arrival Poster
(Adobe PDF File)
Handwashing for Guides
(Adobe PDF File)