Guide Your Money

This two-part program targets girls and young women with fun, interesting activities to improve financial literacy and empowerment.

The Guide Your Money Foundations Program for girls aged 7-12 years is being used in Units around Australia. The program includes 6 great topics designed to increase financial literacy awareness, confidence and skills through fun games and activities.

The Guide Your Money Independence Program for Olaves (young women aged 18-30) is also available. The Independence Program is an online program designed for flexible shared learning in peer groups through group based activities and discussions. There are many learning activities that can also be completed individually. Afterwards participants can use the discussion prompts to share reflections and learning with peers. Participants start with ‘Money and Me’ which will help them to decide what other areas of financial literacy most interest them. Most other topics can stand-alone so participants may choose to complete just one topic or as many topics as are of interest to the individual or peer group.

To support the Guide Your Money program, Girl Guides Australia has been lucky enough to receive funding from Financial Literacy Australia (FLA) – a non-profit organisation whose mission is to advance financial literacy in Australia.

Importantly, this project will not:

  • Skill volunteers, girls, young women or anyone associated with the program to provide financial advice to the Australian Community or seek to develop Girl Guides as financial advisors
  • Be a formal education program and will not be bound by formal Australian Curriculum policies and structures
  • Be a course on mathematics
  • Be a compulsory program for Australian Girl Guides or their leaders to implement
  • Seek to make or solicit judgments about what individuals expend their money on, but rather on creating the noted “pause point” where a conscious decision on financial future is made and consequence is understood.

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