Australian Guide Program

The Australian Guide Program is based on shared leadership and decision-making at all ages. Girls plan and participate in activities facilitated by a Leader.

The aim of the Australian Guide Program is to facilitate a broad program that recognises participation, effort, achievement, ability and service (by individuals and groups), which is not competitive. Girls initiate involvement, and self-development and self-confidence are facilitated in a cooperative environment.

The Australian Guide Program is a values-based, leadership and life skills program with an outdoors focus. It involves Guides and Leaders working together to carry out challenges and activities based on the four elements and seven fundamentals of the Australian Guide Program.

Girls grow into confident, self-respecting, responsible community members through challenges, recognition, fun and friendship.

Elements of the Australian Guide Program

  • Physical: participating actively; focusing on the environment and the outdoors.
  • People: making friends and developing long-lasting friendships, developing an understanding and respect for others.
  • Practical: learning by doing; learning everyday living skills that can be integrated in all areas of life.
  • Self: development and appreciation of the individual; gaining personal growth through challenges the girl as an individual.

Badges and Awards

  • Guides can earn awards within a Unit program, Unit outings and through their own personal accomplishments.
  • These awards can include Unit and Region recognition as well as badges and certificates for completing challenges, gaining new skills, fundraising, participation in activities and introducing a friend to Guiding.
  • Some awards allow girls to set their own personal challenges, others require certain skill levels to be achieved and some awards are designed to be only achieved within a certain time and/or by a certain age group.
  • Guides may choose to work for Challenge Badges and Achievement Awards in many areas. For example, computers, arts, drama, community and the outdoors. World and National Achievement Awards include the Junior BP and BP Awards and the Queen’s Guide Award.

For more information about the Badge and Award Girl Guide recognition system, visit the Girl Guides Australia website.