Please contact your Guide House team for support in these areas:

Narissa (Reception & Retail Officer)
Guide Gear Shop, hall and inventory hire,  awards, camp/adventure activity administration.
[email protected]; [email protected]

Phoebe (Guide Support Officer)

Adult membership, learning and development, Unit level support and compliance, volunteer management, COVID-19, State Team matters.
[email protected]

Erin (Administration Officer)
Database, state events, Unit banking, Unit reporting such as Term Reports and Cash books etc, unit level grants.
[email protected]

Vicki (Membership Officer)
CSCF, membership, trials, wait lists, member awards such as Queen's Guide and Duke of Edinburgh, statistical reporting.
[email protected]

Michelle (Accountant)

All financial matters.
[email protected]

Recruitment is underway for the following positions, but note all emails are monitored by staff at Guide House.
Facilities Manager
Hall hire and lease management, compliance & OSH, facility support.
[email protected]

Marketing & Communications Officer
All Marketing & Communications.
[email protected]