Youth Forms

New Member Registration Forms

New member registration forms are available for our customers who do not have access to the internet or require Leader assistance to complete the form due to English as a second language or other accessibility issues. Please note, we encourage all our new members to register online. If you require a paper registration form, please request one through [email protected] to ensure you are using the most up to date form.

Queen's Guide and Award Forms

Additional Award forms can be found on the youth awards page.

Other Youth Forms

The most up-to-date youth forms can be found on Guidelines for Girl Guides, including ADM27, ADM53, etc. However, in WA, we now keep our health records on the database, so ask your parents to update their daughter's health details before any camp, event or adventurous activity, then you can simply print off a report on your Guides before you attend.
Girl Guide Complaint Form
(Adobe PDF File)