Current Employment Opportunities

Volunteer Officer

This is an exciting role aimed to support the development and implementation of our Volunteer Strategy and to improve the volunteer experience with our organisation. 

The Volunteer Officer be responsible for volunteer recruitment strategies and campaigns and will be the first point of contact for all new potential volunteers. This role will be responsible for onboarding our volunteers and will manage the administration of all compliance requirements as set by our Child Safe Child Friendly Framework.

The role will be responsible for mapping our organisation against the National Standards for Volunteering and will work closely with the CEO on key strategic initiatives that are designed to improve the cultural environment where both staff and volunteers feel valued, supported, engaged and empowered. 
For more information please contact Reachelle at [email protected]

Do you know our next Property Officer?

Guide House has commenced recruitment for a Property Officer who will continue the facilities project that commenced in 2022. This role is crucial to delivering our strategic objective ensuring we have well maintained, safe and functional facilities that meet the current and future needs of Guiding.
For more information please contact Reachelle at [email protected]

Are you our next Marketing & Communications super star?

This is an exciting opportunity for you to take a leading role in managing all matters pertaining to marketing and communications. You are a storyteller who is innovative and creative when creating content to be used across multiple platforms to achieve growth, brand awareness, and improved communications with members, partnerships, and grant funders. 

For more information please contact Reachelle on [email protected]