Olave Program

Olave is Girl Guides Australia’s program for young women aged 18-29.

What We Do

The Olave Program is completely run by and for young women and offers 18-29 year olds the chance to enjoy the adventure of Girl Guiding, while taking up great opportunities to build friendships for life and gaining invaluable skills.

The program is flexible – you choose the level of participation that suits your circumstances! Most Olaves are members of self-governed peer groups, who meet regularly, planning and implementing activities they choose. If you want, you can be a member of more than one peer group - or you can be an individual member and just join in state Olave events! Some Olaves also volunteer as Unit Leaders or Helpers but this is completely optional.

Plus, all Olaves have the opportunity to participate, network and represent Guiding and young women at local, State, National and International events. 

Olave Program

The Olave Program is a personal development program, focusing on three aspects of community, adventure and self-development. Olaves take opportunities to:

  • Make a positive difference in their communities through volunteering, service and advocacy;
  • Challenge themselves through new experiences especially in the outdoors and internationally; and
  • Develop skills and knowledge to enable them to grow as individuals.

The Olave Program is underpinned by the Guide Promise and Law and the innovations and traditions of Australian Guiding.

Find out more about the Olave Program in the Olave Program Resource.

Olave Program Awards

There are Awards that Olaves may work towards which offer participants the chance to extend their skills and interests, improve their qualifications/CVs and be recognised by their peers and the wider community. These include the:

  • AGP-OP Link badge, (for 16-18 year olds)
  • The Duke of Edinburgh Award, (for up to 25 year olds)
  • Olave Challenge
  • Commonwealth Award, and
  • The Olave Baden Powell Award ( the Peak Achievement Award for the Olave Program)

Find out more about Olave Program Awards on the Girl Guides Australia website.

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