Lone Girl Guides

Welcome to Lones!

Lone Guides are those who are unable to participate in Guiding by attending a local Guide Unit. Instead they take part in the fun and friendship of Guiding by correspondence!

You might become a Lone Guide if getting to your local Guide Unit is impossible due to study, work or other commitments. Maybe your local area does not have a Unit for your age group, or there is a waiting list. Lone Guiding is also perfect for a girl whose family is frequently on the move, around the state, country or the world!

Lones Guides interact with a Lones Coordinator via email. This interaction also allows you to get to know other girls in the Lones section. You can work on challenges and badges, take part in fun activities and crafts, design STEM or service projects, and much more. Lone Guides are also invited to attend local, regional, state, national and international events and camps, and there are special Lones events held at regular intervals!

This page is where you'll find news and updates on Lone Guide activities.