Travelling overseas with Girl Guides

How to apply to attend an International Event

  1. Check the event information on the State or National Girl Guides websites. Check that you are eligible e.g. age, any specific experience or qualifications and note the closing date.
  2. If you have any questions about the event, email your State International Manager (see below for contact details) or National International Travel Consultant at [email protected], giving your name, age and contact details.
  3. Go to GirlGuide Traveller and create a login to begin your application. If you have applied for a previous event, please use your existing username and password.  You do not need to complete your application in one sitting, so take your time, review your answers and ensure you save your application regularly by clicking on the “save” button at the bottom of each page.
  4. Contact your District Manager and/or your Region Manager who will talk to you about your application and the event as the first stage of the selection process. You will need your District and Region to support your application.
  5. Choose your referees carefully, tell them what you are applying for. They will be contacted personally. You will need 2 or 3 adult referees for your application depending upon the type of event, both Guiding and non-Guiding. Family members cannot be referees.
  6. When you have completed all sections, click SUBMIT.

Enquiries: State International Manager [email protected]

More info & FAQ’s scroll down or go to the national website go to the ABOUT tab - International Guiding - International Events – FAQs for International Events

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are 11 year olds allowed to go to NZ but not to events in most other countries?
NZ is considered a good option for a first international camp for a number of reasons.  It is culturally and linguistically similar to Australia; It’s close proximity to eastern Australia means that travel time is shorter and fare costs are cheaper than to many other international Guiding destinations.

Do I have to wear uniform when travelling overseas on a plane?
A contingent agrees on what uniform each participant will wear and when. You can change into more comfortable clothing on the plane and then change back into your chosen uniform before landing.

Can I continue with private travel after an event?
Yes.  As long as the required adult: girl ratio for the return trip is met. Youth members may travel after the event with letter of authority provided by parents.  In this case the responsibility of GGA ends when youth member is placed in the care of the family member or friend at the end of the event.

Do I need outdoor camping experience to attend an International Camp?
Yes. However, if you are lacking sufficient experience, there is likely to be enough time before international camp for you to gain experience by attending another local camp or two.

Do all applications require an interview?
Interviews are not required for World Centre events unless you are applying for a WAGGGS event at the centre. Interviews are required for all other camps and seminars. There is only one interview for any one event and this is conducted in your State or in the case of seminars and conferences at a national level.

Is it legitimate to fundraise to go overseas to an event?
Absolutely yes!  Going to an international event is a great opportunity for you to learn or improve your budgeting and financial skills.  You can ask for fundraising assistance from your Unit/District/Region—they might help you with practical assistance for your fundraisers, or in some other way.  There are also some Girl Guide Funds which you can apply to for assistance.