Frequently Asked Questions: Queen's Guide

Can I start work on my QGA before I turn 14?

Can I use any challenges I did before registering for the QGA?
No. You must have completed your registration paperwork and discussed your plans with your Peer Unit before commencing any challenges.

Do I need to have completed my Junior BP and / or BP Awards to do my QGA?
No. The QGA is completely independent form all other Awards and badges. Having done the BP or JBP Awards will give you an understanding of what is required but it is certainly not necessary to have completed them or any other badge in the Australian Guide Program.

How long should it take to complete the Award?
It will take at least 12 months to complete the Award but it is more likely to take you 18 – 24 months. It is suggested that you aim to complete your Award before you start Year 12.

Can I do part of the QGA?
Yes. You can complete any part of the Award: Gold Endeavour, Focus or Interest.

Can I do more than one Focus?
Yes. However, you only need to do one for the QGA.

Can I do more than one Interest?
Yes. However, you only need to do one for the QGA.

Who can be my QG mentor?
Your QG mentor can be your Unit Leader, another Leader or someone outside of Guiding. They need to understand what you are trying to achieve. You need to be able to work with and trust your mentor. 

Do I need to belong to a Peer Unit to complete my QGA?
Yes. Two members of your Peer Unit must complete the Peer Unit Recommendations on your QGA Checklist paperwork. Both Parts of the Queen’s Guide Award are self and peer-assessed. This is an important part of the Queen’s Guide Award, so check with your Leader about the processes in place within your Unit or what needs to be done to ensure that your Unit can support you in this.
“A peer is someone of equal rank. In this case, your peers would be a similar age to you. So, a Peer Unit has a minimum of four Girl Guides whose ages are within a four-year span of your age, and under the age of 18 years. Ideally you should be meeting with your Peer Unit at least once a month.”
Reference: A Girl’s Guide to the Queen’s Guide Award, pp: 5. Girl Guides Australia, 2015.

What does my portfolio have to look like and include?
Your portfolio can be submitted in any format you choose; interview, log book, file, DVD, website etc. Portfolios should include aims, outcomes, evaluations, photos, certificates, videos and any items as support or evidence, along with a report outlining the challenges completed for each section.

If I have missed something out of my portfolio what happens?
Don’t panic! We are here to help you and we want you to succeed. There are Checklists for each section on the QGA to avoid missing any of the requirements. Your peers and your Leader should have double checked and signed off everything on the appropriate checklist before you submit your portfolio.
In the event that you have missed something, you will receive a detailed letter from Youth Program Committee (YPC) outlining any further evidence required. This letter will include a final resubmission date. 
Once you provide the additional evidence YPC will review your portfolio.

Does my Duke of Edinburgh Award count towards my QGA?
Yes. You can cross-credit your D of E Award with parts of your QGA. GGWA has developed a document that sets this out for you (see Cross Crediting the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award).

Can I do my D of E with Guides?

Yes. You can register to do the Award through GGWA. However, GGWA does not run D of E camps or activities. It is up to you to plan and carry out your D of E yourself. You may cross-credit any Guide badge work and Unit or Patrol Camps and activities that you have directly planned, carried out and evaluated yourself and with your peers. 

Can I use work I do for school towards my GGA?

Yes. However, any school work or activities used towards your QGA must show extension beyond what is required by your course curriculum. It needs to include evidence of meaningful extracurricular time spent outside of the school’s expectation (this does not mean homework!). This requirement is particularly necessary for anything to do with the arts, technology and the outdoors.

Will my QGA count towards my WACE and ATAR?

The QGA is an endorsed community program with the School Curriculum and Standards Authority. It contributes to the WACE but not to the ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank). 

How do I enrol and report my QGA to my School if I want it to count for WACE?

You do not need to enrol or report directly to your school, GGWA does that on your behalf. The School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) have asked us to enrol you and report on your results only when you have completed a section of the Award. That means you will be enrolled and your results awarded at the same time. This is an administrative requirement of the SCSA. Therefore, you will need to make sure that you complete any section of the QGA you wish to have included on your WACE prior to the final SCSA reporting date in the year you finish Year 12. This is generally early September each year.