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The only standard that counts is the amount of effort on the part of the individual.
- Lord Baden-Powell

The Queen’s Guide Award is the Peak Achievement award for youth members of Girl Guides Australia. The Award is well respected within the community as a significant achievement and provides you with an opportunity for extraordinary personal development and greater self-awareness.

The Queen’s Guide Award isn’t just a great achievement to share with other members of Guiding. Potential employers and further education institutions will also be impressed with your achievement. It shows you have challenged yourself and completed significant goals across a range of different disciplines. The program can also be cross-credited with activities you are already doing in Guiding and also outside of Guiding, meaning you can get more than one award for the challenges you are taking on.

Parents, there is a handy booklet for parents of Queen's Guide candidates further down on this page. The Queen's Guide forms are all available on the Youth Forms page .

About the Award

The Queen’s Guide Award consists of two sections:

  • Part A – Gold Endeavour Award and 
  • Part B – the Interest and Focus Award.

All sections of the Award require Application to Youth Program Committee before commencement. All forms and booklets can be downloaded from the Girl Guides Western Australia website. On application, you will receive a link via email to A Girl’s Guide to the Queen’s Guide Award, an Australia-wide publication. There are special Queen’s Guide Award Requirements in Western Australia, relating to the School Curriculum and Standards Authority endorsement. The WA requirements can be found at the bottom of this page.

Note: we will endeavour to keep this page current, but if you are unsure, please check the National Girl Guides website's Queen's Guide section.

Things you'll need

  • Books: All girls working towards their Queen’s Guide Award must be using the most current version of Aim High and Look Wider Still. Please check with Guide Gear to make sure your copy is the current version – if not, purchase a new one.
  • Minimum age: you must be 14 years of age to commence working on any part of the Queen’s Guide Award and must complete it by your 18th birthday.
  • Assessment: Peer and Leader assessed within the unit and recommendations sent to Youth Program Committee for final approval. Assessment Protocol for external assessment can be found below.
  • Paperwork: The Queen’s Guide Award, the Gold Endeavour Award, the Interest and Focus Awards require an application including an outlined plan, which is submitted to Youth Program Committee prior to commencing any challenges. As stated in the Aim High Book, before beginning a Focus Award, plans, including the method of assessment, must be discussed with and approved by the Peer Unit. 

As this Award is a School Curriculum and Standards Authority Endorsed Community Program, if you intend to include it on your WACE you must provide your school’s details on the Registration form.   

Assessment and Portfolio

On completion of any part of the Queen’s Guide Award, the appropriate Assessment Checklist must be completed and submitted to Youth Program Committee.  This form must be co-signed by two Peer Representatives and your Unit Leader.  This is to certify they are aware that this award is being tendered for approval.  The completed form is to accompany your portfolio when it is submitted to Youth Program Committee.

You may present your Queen’s Guide portfolio in any format you choose; log book, file, DVD, website etc. Portfolios should include aims, outcomes, evaluations, photos, certificates, videos and any items as support or evidence, along with a report outlining the challenges completed for each section. The report should be a standalone document providing evidence of all work and challenges completed for the Award. 

If you are using outside assessors (as per Look Wider Still), written confirmation of completion must be provided by the assessor stating what requirements have been assessed and whether these are completed, this may be in the form of a TAFE certificate. Work assessed by an outside assessor must be presented to your Peer Group for approval. Guides, the Assessment Protocol for external assessment can be found below (scroll down). Leaders, the External Assessment Protocol for Leaders is on the Youth Forms page under My GGWA.

If changing from the nominated Focus or Trefoil 3 Achieve-a-challenge, the Chair of Youth Program must be advised and a new plan or changes submitted prior to commencing work toward that challenge.

Badges and Certificates

Once approval of any part of the Queen’s Guide Award is given by Youth Program Committee, a confirmation letter will be sent to your Leader and Region Manager to enable you to purchase the appropriate cloth badge from Guide Gear. Metal badges and certificates cannot be purchased; they are presented at the State Awards Ceremony. Unit Leaders are welcome to purchase items with the Queen's Guide logo from the shop as gifts for any girls who have achieved this award. 

Badge presentation

The metal Queens’ Guide Award, Gold Endeavour Award, Focus Badges and all certificates including Interest Certificates are presented at the annual State Awards Ceremony. 

For further information regarding the Queen’s Guide Award, please refer to A Girls Guide to the Queens Guide Award national publication available on the Girl Guides Australia website www.girlguidesaus.org.au.

All registration forms for the Awards are available on www.girlguideswa.org.au or by contacting [email protected].

WACE Program

The QGA is an endorsed community program with the School Curriculum and Standards Authority. It contributes to the WACE (WA Certificate of Education) but not to the ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank). Part A – Gold Endeavour counts as 2 units equivalent and Part B – Focus and Interest counts as 2 units equivalent. Therefore, the complete QGA counts as 4 units equivalent.

Read more on Provider Developed Endorsed Programs

Youth Awards Ceremony

Please note the closing date for the submission of all awards is 30 April each year or three months prior to the Awards Ceremony (usually held in August each year). If you miss the closing date, you will receive your award at the following year's ceremony. It is important to allow time for approval at a Youth Program Committee Meeting and for resubmission of an additional information that may be required before printing the Awards Program. The date of the ceremony is advertised in the calendar of events and is also in Wagtale. Award recipients will receive an official invitation with all relevant details before the event.

Queen's Guide FAQ

Click here to check the frequently asked questions about the Queen's Guide Award.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Girl Guides Western Australia is proud to be involved with Duke of Edinburgh Award, as an Award Unit Licensed Operator and assessor. 

This prestigious youth award has been in existence since 1956. It is an international Award, operating in over 140 countries around the World. The Award is designed to empower young people by enhancing their self-reliance, commitment, personal development, self-confidence and leadership skills. It is also a School Curriculum and Standards Authority endorsed program, with credit points towards the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) requirements.

As a member of Girl Guides, you are probably already undertaking most of the challenges that comprise the Duke of Edinburgh Award in your Guiding and recreational activities! The award is about Service (you will definitely be doing that in your Guiding life), Physical Recreation (do you keep yourself fit or play a sport?), Adventurous Journeys (you will be undertaking adventurous outdoor activities in your Guiding life) and Skills (you will definitely be developing personal skills in your Guiding life!). 

For girls undertaking the Queen’s Guide Award, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award could count as the Outdoors section of the Gold Endeavour Award or as part of the Outdoor Focus. As a Licensed Operator, Girl Guides WA can appoint an assessor for your Duke of Edinburgh’s Award for you!  How much easier could it be? Why not think about registering for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and cross-credit it with your Queen’s Guide Award challenges! Get an additional recognised qualification without doing any extra work! More information on cross-crediting the Duke of Edinburgh and Queen's Guide Awards can be found at the end of this page.

For more information on The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in WA go to the Awards WA website, where you can register and pay online. Select Girl Guides WA as your Award Unit.
Queen's Guide Focus Registration Form
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