Queen's Guide Award

The only standard that counts is the amount of effort on the part of the individual.
- Lord Baden-Powell

The Queen’s Guide Award is the peak achievement award for youth members of Girl Guides Australia.

The Queens Guide Award provides Guides with an opportunity for extraordinary personal development and greater self-awareness.  Guides will challenge themselves and complete significant goals across a range of different disciplines.
The program can also be cross credited with activities already undertaken in Guiding and also outside of Guiding, meaning Guides can get more than one award for the challenges they take on.  
Guides must be at last 13 years of age prior to starting any work on this Award. Guides should have had the experience of working on challenges to broaden their skills and have learnt the processes of choosing, planning, doing and evaluating a personal challenge.

About the Award

The Queen’s Guide Award consists of two parts:
Gold Endeavour
the challenges for the Gold Endeavour Award, which focus on participating and learning.
Queens Guide
the additional challenges for the Queen’s Guide Award, which focus on organising and leading.
The Queens Guide Award includes Compulsory Service and Leadership challenges.
The challenges for Gold Endeavour and Queens Guide are built around SIX skill areas:

Creative Thinking                      Collaboration      
Communication                        Community         
Character                                      Commitment to Learning                    

For additional information it is recommended you review the  QUEENS’S GUIDE AWARD BOOKLET as this provides valuable information to support Girls, Leaders, and Parents.

It is import to REGISTER FOR THE QUEENS GUIDE AWARD with the relevant state Queen’s Guide Award Coordinator.

WACE Program
For those Guides still working on the old syllabus:
The Queen’s Guide Award (QGA) is an endorsed community program with the School Curriculum and Standards Authority. It contributes to the WACE (WA Certificate of Education) but not to the ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank). Part A – Gold Endeavour counts as 2 units equivalent and Part B – Queens Guide counts as 2 unit’s equivalent. Therefore, the complete QGA counts as 4 unit’s equivalent.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Girl Guides Western Australia is proud to be involved with the Duke of Edinburgh Award, as an Award Unit Licensed Operator and Assessor. 

This prestigious youth award has been in existence since 1956. It is an international award, operating in over 140 countries around the world. The award is designed to empower young people by enhancing their self-reliance, commitment, personal development, self-confidence, and leadership skills. It is also a School Curriculum and Standards Authority endorsed program, with credit points towards the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) requirements.

As a member of Girl Guides, you are probably already undertaking most of the challenges that comprise the Duke of Edinburgh Award in your Guiding and recreational activities. The award is about Service (you will definitely be doing that in your Guiding life), Physical Recreation (do you keep yourself fit or play a sport?), Adventurous Journeys (you will be undertaking adventurous outdoor activities in your Guiding life) and Skills (you will definitely be developing personal skills in your Guiding life!). 

For girls undertaking the Queen’s Guide Award, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award could count as the Several sections of the Gold Endeavour Award, as well as some sections of the Queen’s Guide Award.  As a Licensed Operator, Girl Guides WA can appoint an assessor for your Duke of Edinburgh’s Award for you. How much easier could it be? Why not think about registering for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and cross-credit it with your Queen’s Guide Award challenges? Get an additional recognised qualification without doing any extra work! More information on cross-crediting the Duke of Edinburgh and Queen's Guide Awards can discussed with your leaders and mentors.

For more information on the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in WA go to the 
The Duke of Ed Award where you can register and pay online. Select Girl Guides WA as your Award Unit.