BP Award Information

The secret of a sound education is to get each pupil to learn for himself.
- Lord Robert Baden-Powell

B-P Award

The Aim High book contains all the information you need to know to complete the BP Award. The Award contains a series of challenges and activities in each of the fundamental areas of Guiding. Undertaking the BP Award is not for everyone. It will take at least 18 months to complete and shows that you can plan, carry out, evaluate and stick at challenges you set for yourself.

The BP Award is approved only on the agreement of Youth Program Committee. There are forms that need to be completed and sent into Guide House by your Unit Leader.
Minimum age: you must be 10 years of age to commence working on the BP Award.
Assessment: Peer and Leader assessed within the unit.
Paperwork: On completion of all challenges for the BP Award, a BP Summary Checklist Form must be submitted by your Unit Leader to Youth Program Committee for ratification and endorsement.

Once ratified, YPC will send notification to your Unit Leader. 

Badges and certificates

On completion of half the BP Award challenges, the Silver Endeavour certificate and cloth badge may be purchased from Guide Gear and presented at an appropriate occasion. On completion of all challenges and the submission of the BP Summary Checklist Form, YPC will send notification to your Unit Leader.  This will include a badge voucher to enable purchase of the BP cloth badge from Guide Gear. 

The metal BP Award badge and certificate are presented at the State Awards Ceremony.  An official invitation with details of the ceremony will be sent directly to you.

Parents and Unit Leaders are welcome to purchase items with the BP logo from the shop as gifts for girls who have achieved this award.

Badge presentation

Silver Endeavour Award cloth badge and certificate is presented at an appropriate occasion by the Unit Leader. The metal BP Award badge and certificate are presented at the annual State Awards Ceremony.