Who can be a Girl Guide?

Girl Guides provides a non-formal education program that is a dynamic, flexible and values-based while training in life skills, decision-making and leadership. It is supported by trained volunteer Leaders who are committed to the Girl Guides Australia's mission statement.

Who are Girl Guides?

Membership of Girl Guides Western Australia is open to girls from 5 to 17 years of age, and women 18 years and over. Each girl and adult member makes a promise which shows their commitment to the principles of Guiding and is her link with the 10 million other Guides world wide.

What do Girl Guides do?

At Girl Guides, girls and women have fantastic opportunities to develop new skills, try exciting activities, gain confidence to think and act for themselves, make new friends, acquire a greater respect for the environment and experience a sense of community. Girl Guides also presents opportunities to attend state, national and international camps and events.
The Australian Guide Program (AGP) promotes life-skills and leadership, making friends and enjoying the outdoors. Everything that Girl Guides do is related to the four elements of the AGP and activities are based on the seven fundamentals of Guiding.

Why Girls ONLY?

Girl Guides provides a unique girl only space. International research has shown that boys and girls learn very differently. Girl Guides are encouraged by Leaders and peers to explore their personal boundaries, in a safe and secure atmosphere. By this,Girl Guides learn that girls can do anything. Guide Leaders consistently report a special feeling about Guide meetings. It’s an energy the girls generate because they want to be there and:

  • have a direct say in what they do 
  • learn to plan, action, and evaluate their activities 
  • can discover what kind of person they are
  • enjoy confidence with physical challenges

Guiding for Women

Girl Guides offers women members a variety of opportunities and levels of involvement.

The Olave Program is for young women or adults aged between 18-30 years.
Leadership roles for 18+ working directly with girls, young women or adults.
Trefoil Guilds who support the local community and the fellowship of Guiding.
Volunteering for women 18+ who are keen to be a part of Guiding. 

Guiding offers its members opportunities to attend State, National and International camps, events and training.

Guiding for Girls

Girls try a wide range of activities appropriate to their age and evaluate their program, which is facilitated by an accredited trained adult volunteer Leader. Girl Guides belong to a local Unit who meet regularly for Unit meetings.

Within the Unit each Girl Guide belongs to a small group called a Patrol. Through their Patrol activities, Girl Guides gain skills in communication, teamwork, decision making and leadership, which help prepare them for life. Girl Guides also offers girls opportunities to participate in camps, special events, outings and day trips. Join us!