WA State Team

The State Team

Girl Guides WA is led by the State Commissioner, elected for a three year term which can be extended for an additonal two years. The State Commissioner is a volunteer member of the organisation who invites a small group of additional members to act as her team of assistants. Together they are known as the State Team, and work closely with all volunteers, the General Manager, and Guide House staff. Their role is to support volunteer Leaders in delivering the Australian Guide Program, to assist members, and to take a leadership role, ensuring the organisation is running smoothly.

Katrina Lane, State Commissioner

Alongside a professional role at the Aboriginal Legal Service, Katrina Lane volunteered as the Assistant to previous State Commissioner Linda Elezovich for over three years. She is also a current Unit Leader, a Learning Partner, and has previously held roles as the International Manager and four years as the Program Manager. 

Katrina’s Guiding story is a familiar one. She tried to drop her niece off at the Morley Girl Guide Unit and never left!

Katrina has helped organise major events and even met a Prince through Guiding. She says she is trying to become a better outdoor Guide. But as much as she has given to this organisation, Katrina believes it has also given a huge amount back to her. It has allowed her to honour her parents and the commitment to volunteer work they instilled in Katrina as a young woman. And it has given her to opportunity to stay closely connected with her nieces.

Katrina has this to say about her approach to leading Girl Guides WA: “Girl Guides WA has undergone tremendous change over the past few years and is ready to take on new and bigger challenges. I am passionate about this organisation and have seen what it has done for me personally and for my family. I want nothing more than to be here for the next young woman who needs Guides, for whatever reason. With the help of our Unit Leaders, Managers and staff I am looking forward to the future of empowering girls and young women to grow into confident, self-respecting, responsible community members.”

Katrina is looking forward to the continued growth of Guides in Western Australia. Her role as State Commissioner commenced on 1 July, 2019.

Paula Dunn, Assistant State Commissioner

Claire Veen, Assistant State Commissioner

Claire works in Education, currently managing a BYOD iPad program in the years 4 to 6 classes at a busy primary school. When not solving technical glitches, she supports individual students and works with small groups to enhance their classroom experiences. Claire is always keen to challenge herself and try new things – whether in work, life or her Guiding career.  

Claire has volunteered with Girl Guides WA for almost 20 years and has held many different roles during this time. She continues to volunteer at a local Guide Unit as a Leader, and enjoys watching the girls grow into confident young women. She loves being out of doors and her favourite memories include camping, being in a canoe, sitting around a campfire and spending time with other Girl Guides, both youth and adults. She values the self-development, friendships made and the ongoing opportunities that being a member of Girl Guides WA offers.

Claire is excited about her role as Assistant State Commissioner and will continue to support those around her in their Guiding journey. Claire, who held the same role for the previous State Commissioner, is confident that Girl Guides WA will continue to offer a unique, safe place for many young girls and women. Claire is committed to challenging herself and the organisation, ensuring that Guiding remains relevant for the foreseeable future.

Laura Ives-Hicks, Assistant State Commissioner