Our Staff

Girl Guides WA has a friendly team of staff to assist members and volunteers. The team is based in our Belmont office, known as Guide House. Below you can find out who to contact to assist with your question or project.

Paul Hetherington

General Manager
[email protected]
Paul is the General Manager for Girl Guides WA. Paul manages the day-to-day operation of the organisation and implements actions towards our strategic objectives. His role includes:

  • Reporting to and attending meetings of the Board and Management Committee
  • Sourcing and providing information to support the governance of the organisation
  • Managing staff, operational and OHS matters
  • Liaising with volunteers and key managers on problems and issues
  • Engaging consultants, contractors and suppliers for the organisation
  • Managing organisational partnerships
  • Overseeing Girl Guide property management
  • Ensuring compliance with funding, insurance and public liability requirements
  • Lotterywest grant applications and acquittals

Fun Fact: Paul has three daughters and loves camping.

Erin Broom

Administration Assistant
[email protected]
Erin is Girl Guides WA’s Administration Assistant and she supports our members in a range of areas. Erin can help you with:

  • First port of call for any enquiries, whether by email or phone
  • Shop customer service and online orders
  • Camp and Adventurous Activities forms
  • Establishing and updating Unit bank accounts
  • Our Barn and Guide House bookings
  • Booking for PR and outdoor equipment
  • Biscuits orders and invoices
  • Making screen prints for your Unit
  • Triple Treat badge orders
  • First port of call for Queens Guide, Trefoil 3, Junior Leader and Duke of Edinburgh forms and questions

Fun fact: Erin is a BP and Queen's Guide who is also an animal lover. She often has more animals than people in her house!

Jenny McGillivray

Database Officer
[email protected] 
Jenny is Girl Guides WA’s Database Officer and an expert on all things database, reports and website. Jenny can assist with:

  • Developing database and website functionality to support the organisation and personnel
  • Complex reporting on membership statistics and data
  • Managing invoicing for membership renewals
  • Setting up Unit email addresses
  • Troubleshooting database or website problems

Fun Fact: Jenny is interested in essential oils and detoxing the home.

Vicki Shiel

Member Support Officer
[email protected]
Vicki is our Membership Support Officer and the frontline for all new member enquiries or volunteer sign-ups. Vicki manages and monitors:

  • All new youth member enquiries
  • Trials in Units
  • Adding and maintaining youth profiles and qualifications on the database
  • On-boarding and registration of new adult Leaders
  • Background checks of new volunteers
  • Youth member and parent complaints or issues
  • Transfers between Units and states
  • Expressions of interest for new Units
  • Requests for more volunteers in your Unit
  • Setting up events on the website and managing registrations
  • Updating Adult Leader Qualifications and managing First Aid bookings

Fun Fact: Vicki has a gorgeous border collie called Bandit who rules the house!.

Aileen Steele

Shop Assistant
[email protected]
Aileen is a very experienced Leader who also works part time in the Guide Gear Shop. Aileen can assist you with:

  • Requests for stock items not found in the online shop
  • Ordering special event and WAGGGS badges
  • Enquiries about shop accounts and invoices
  • Refund and returns enquiries
  • Maintaining stock inventory

Volunteer Caretaker for the Sally Carlton Library
[email protected]
Aileen volunteers to maintain the Sally Carlton Library of equipment, games and books. Aileen is your first port of call for:

  • Ideas on equipment or activities to help you run a program on a topic or theme
  • Borrowing international or historical uniforms
  • Sourcing books on Guiding topics
  • Lost or damaged library items or late returns 

Fun Fact: Aileen collects piggybanks and camping is her favourite activity.

Chloe Fraser

Communications Officer
[email protected]

  • Items for the weekly bulletin or quarterly magazine
  • Guiding event promotion
  • Social media management and monitoring social media groups
  • Website maintenance
  • Email communications with members
  • Branding queries and graphic projects
  • Publicity, advertising, media and PR liaison and projects
  • Recruitment campaigns for volunteers and youth members
  • Managing Girl Guides WA’s PR and event image library
  • Producing the Annual Report, event booklets and publications including brochures