Please contact your Guide House team for support in these areas:

Erin G (Reception & Retail Officer)
Guide Gear Shop, hall and inventory hire,  awards, camp/adventure activity administration.
[email protected]; [email protected]

Jordyn (Volunteer Officer)
Volunteer onboarding and administration.
[email protected]

Erin B (Administration Officer)
Database, state events, Unit banking, Unit reporting such as Term Reports and Cash books etc, unit level grants.
[email protected]

Vicki (Membership Officer)
CSCF, membership, trials, wait lists, member awards such as Queen's Guide and Duke of Edinburgh, statistical reporting.
[email protected]

Michelle (Management Accountant)
All financial matters.
[email protected]

Shae (Projects Officer)

Special Projects

Recruitment is underway for the following positions, but note all emails are monitored by staff at Guide House. If you are interested in either of the below roles please contact [email protected]

Program Support Officer
Adult membership, learning and development, Unit level support and compliance, volunteer management, State Team matters.
[email protected]

Events Coordinator 
[email protected]

Facilities Manager
Hall hire and lease management, compliance & OSH, facility support. 
[email protected]

Marketing & Communications Officer
All marketing and communications.
[email protected]