Our Policies

It is the policy of Girl Guides Western Australia to safeguard the welfare and safety of its members while participating in Guiding activities. Girl Guides Western Australia takes all reasonable steps to ensure that, through relevant procedures and training, children, young people and adults taking part in Guiding activities do so in a safe and friendly environment.
Girl Guides Western Australia is committed to creating child-safe environments that promote learning and enjoyment. The organisation strives to provide services and activities where children and young people:
  • feel safe and are protected from harm
  • have a say in planning activities and other decisions affecting them
  • are listened to
  • are respected
  • have their best interests considered and upheld
All Girl Guides Western Australia Leaders hold a Working with Children Check Card and complete training in relation to policies and procedures regarding the protection of children from risks.
Read our policies on the national Guide Lines for Girl Guides website.

For more information on our Child Safe Child Friendly Framework, please click here.

Database Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Undertaking

Volunteers must agree to the following:

I understand that all personal data of members of Girl Guides Western Australia (Girl Guides WA) is confidential and may not be disseminated, made public or communicated to anyone other than to the officers, employees, and volunteers of Girl Guides Western Australia acting in the performance of their duties.

To the extent that I may come into possession of or obtain knowledge of the personal data of members of Girl Guides WA as a result of my activities with Girl Guides WA, I hereby irrevocably undertake and agree to:

1. Maintain the confidentiality of all such information and further undertake not to copy for myself or to otherwise disclose any such information so acquired to anyone other than the officers, employees and volunteers of Girl Guides WA acting in the performance of their duties;

Examples of confidential information include, but are not limited to:

  • email addresses;
  • telephone numbers;
  • credit card details;
  • personal information.

2. Use the Confidential Information only for the purpose of conducting business authorised by Girl Guides WA and in the performance of those duties assigned to me by Girl Guides WA. I agree to inform Guide House and promptly relinquish my access level to the database once the agreed duties have been completed.

3. Promptly return the Confidential Information to Girl Guides WA or destroy the same, without retaining any copy or extract of it in any form, upon completion of my activities with Girl Guides WA or upon the demand of Girl Guides WA.

4. Indemnify Girl Guides WA and its officers, employees and agents for any and all damages arising as a result of the misuse of the Confidential Information by me, whether caused or permitted to be caused wilfully, negligently or otherwise.